Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov

Tom Beardshaw

As a fellow photographer, I greatly appreciate Den's professionalism and the care he devotes to his craft... he has a great understanding of portrait photography and lighting and we had a really enjoyable time together. He was very helpful before the shoot, advising me on clothing and style, and giving great ideas on posing and developing looks. He's got a really strong instinct for a good photo and I'm very pleased with the results.

Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov

Juan Luis Muñoz del Olmo

Un trabajo excepcional. Arte puro dibuja las luces y sombras en cada fotografia. Elegancia, fuerza y corazón en una fusión perfecta.

Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov

cristian diez-sanchez

great experience for the first time.
Believe that on the future, a new session could be done

Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov


great. Thanks for your job. Very very good)))

Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov

Lukina Evgenia


Wonderful photo shoot! It was easy and relaxed, and I am very pleased with the result. Professional and talented. Thank you!

Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov



fantastic photos thank top a lot

Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov


More than happy with the whole experience.

Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov

Jordi Miquel

Muy buen trabajo, super profesional!

Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov

Edu blanco

Amazing work !!!was a awesome experience , Denis is. Great profesional photographer

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Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov

Edward J. Bentley


Denis is incredibly professional and a pleasure to work with, easy and relaxed (also a great music selection for our session together!) Highly Recommendable.

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Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov


Great experience, excellent results and very positive communication. I requested a professional studio photoshoot for artist’s profile (social medias, Spotify, Youtube and etc.) - and Den has a great portfolio! The results are superb and totally met my expectations.

1. For me it was a first experience of a professional photoshoot. I contacted Den a week in advance and message him my thoughts and purposes of photoshoot. In few days he came prepared and proposed few ideas as well as a possible look for a shoot. His colleague Alina met me before the appointment around the studio and helped me to select some non-expensive outfit which would look great for the shoot. The process was very smooth and fast since she already had some ideas in mind and she recommended nice and affordable clothing shops as well as the exact looks. Whole process took around 30 minutes.

2. During the shoot atmosphere was relaxed, Den selected a nice studio and it was not a big deal that it was my first experience of a professional shooting. He advised on positions, on look, he tried different angles/looks/positions - Alina was also very supportive. Whole process is super smooth and chill, no rush and pressure, we turn some music on from Spotify playlist :)

3. Den made a lot of great photos during these few hours and there were a lot of options to chose from, he also selected great ones from a huge quantity of photos. Den as well did some really great photos at few locations outside in addition to the studio ones.

4. The quality of photos is really fantastic and Den’s skill on editing is great - I have now a great selection of professional/superb quality photos :) I had some special requests/requirements for the size/type of the photos for the multiple different platforms (Instagram, Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud and etc) and the requirements are usually different (banners, square profile, different sizes). In the end he provided me with different versions of photos for different platforms and it was very nice to use afterwards as it was ready and no adjustments with the sizes needed.

Great shoot! Den is a very nice person, he was always available to discuss my requests and delivered high quality results on time. He has a wide imagination full of unique ideas - he did some great and fun photos using AI.

I definitely would love to do another shoot with Den again! :)

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Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov


Great photos! Handsome model! Photos are very professional!

Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov

Svetlana (gift for husband)

I gave my husband a photo shoot. What’s the excitement besides the standard preparation (choosing images, location, photo examples)? 

1. Denis captures the naturalness. You can see it yourself, but you do not always have a camera at hand. And it happens once in 2 years. And here you have a bunch of shots that show your gut. It’s grandiose craftsmanship. The rarest, in my opinion. That makes the portfolio knock your socks off. Translated with (free version)

2. About the portfolio. At first, I can’t believe that it’s possible to do this specifically to your man. But believe me, the impression of the work exceeds expectations. You look and see that this is it, your man. The real one, and it takes your breath away. 

 3. Transparent communication and organization. Lately there have been a lot of different failures, misunderstandings with other people, contractors. Everything with Denis was professional. He is very cool. 

 My husband said that the impression he got from the photo shoot was as if you have been to the best incarnation of yourself. I

t’s so great to give such experiences! Thank you Denis! 

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Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov

David Phillips

I was really pleased with the outcome of this photo session with Denis. It was an enjoyable experience being lead by him and he managed to draw me in towards the camera in a way that noone else has done before. His use of music and general charm made the whole shoot really easy going and fun. Thank you Denis!

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Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov


Denis, hello) Let me finally share my impressions) To be honest, I got high twice.

 First, on the shooting. I was very comfortable, which I did not expect at all. It was also amazing how quickly you catch the right light, see the image and pick up the right lens. I had no idea what effect it had on the outcome. Second, when I saw the result. I was counting on a couple of good shots, but not dozens) 

And again — very cool to see how the photo has changed the depth and atmosphere. Thank you very much for this experience and photos) 

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Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov


I was looking for a photographer for an important project. On Instagram, I came across Den, and I was intrigued by his final line on his website about capturing uniqueness and creating a true portrait.

 I figured we could work together. We needed to do two photo shoots — one in the studio and one outdoors. First up, the studio shoot. Before we started, I gave Den the technical requirements — I wanted a look that captured the essence of Sergey Yesenin, calm and confident without being overly masculine.

So, Den knew exactly what to do to get the shot to work — how to position the light source and the reflectors so the light and shadows would fall on my face as expressively as possible. He knew how to pose me — my body, the tilt of my head, the direction of my gaze, the position of my hands — in a way that was simple, natural, and daring — I wouldn’t have known how to pose myself! 

Also, in some of the more spontaneous poses or moves, Den would come up with something interesting, and we’d try it out, see if it worked, and then we’d keep going with that idea. 

That’s how we managed to get a couple of really great shots. On the streets, I suggested a spot that I’d previously scoped out, but Den saw so much more potential in it. 

Later, as we were leaving that place, he noticed a couple of spots that I might have passed over, but which turned out to be good photo opportunities. I think it was less about the scenery and more about the light and shade. 

I guess noticing those places takes practice! During those two shoots, we just chatted with Dan like we’d known each other forever. It was so natural and easy, like we were just talking to an old friend. After the second shoot, we even had lunch together and had a really deep, heart-to-heart conversation. 

I think that’s why it was so special. And let’s not forget about Den’s amazing skills! His color and clarity are just incredible. After a shoot, I always like to take a close look at the photos and admire every little detail.

Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov


And so, well, what can I say, the results clearly exceeded my expectations) I want to say a huge thank you for such a great experience and the opportunity to look at yourself differently. 

This is very valuable for me and I was lucky to get to such a talented photographer :) 

 If interested, more detailed feedback: As for my personal impressions: 

- I liked the last episode in a suit the most, it really looks very stylish with a T-shirt (but I didn’t believe it) 

- the pictures turned out really super-different, it’s also great, I liked the ones that catch some natural movements the most (now I Understood!) 

- you work well for rapprochement when during a session in a conversation you help to relax by bringing to some understandable topics, but sometimes it seems that you are doing it on purpose, it’s a little embarrassing)

 — I don’t really like the expressions of my face in some photos or it seems that in some photos the face is somewhat wide (the question is not for you, these are my pens) 

 I’ll be happy to try again sometime, maybe even with some more conceptual image (the last comment is probably more related to this so that we can take into account some things) In general, very happy, actually. The experience is new and super-positive for me, and in general I am glad to meet you) Thank you!

Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov


I’d like to start by saying that I’ve never had my photo taken before and, in general, I’m not very fond of the idea of it. I think that having to pose and “get used” to a certain image is not good for me. However, I still think that way, but I was wrong. Nietzsche once said that “the greatness of a person is that they are a bridge, not a destination.” 

I believe that double greatness lies in being a bridge to discovering the “self” through the eyes of another person. While I know that some professionals can do this, it turns out that it is possible through working with a photographer.

 I want to thank you for that. That was the main point I wanted to make. Now, let me mention a few important details about the experience: 

1. Discreet, but strict preparation. My schedule is tight, but you made sure I didn’t miss anything important without being boring, and I even turned a blind eye to deadlines that I missed slightly. 

2. The atmosphere and environment in which the photo was taken and exists, and not imitated.Music, working with light, tells a life story through time. The playlist is carefully chosen to match the mood and the studio. 

3. Content and Communication. I don’t know which was more interesting — taking photos or discussing modern education and social issues. But the most important thing is that it made me feel good — my facial expressions are exactly what my partners see. 

4. A good photographer knows how to capture the essence of a person. But many can take pictures. A master photographer reveals the unique image within a person. And this is not about the lens, it’s about the complex interaction between the photographer and the subject. 

5. Integrity and Position. Strong things happen when the author has their own opinion and principles. If the author holds a position (not just a “job”) — the world will be better.

And finally, it’s easier to work within a prepared plan. But sometimes, it’s important to be willing to deviate from the original idea when the situation demands it.And even share a jacket for these comments are unnecessary. In general, thank you! It will have to be repeated.

Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov


Stunned, we are firmly lucky, very noble! We are shocked, to be honest, that in a short time and such quality! Never encountered this) thanks 🙏🏼 and you have an amazing tandem, with a twinkle! 🤪 💃🕺🏼

Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov


Denis is an excellent specialist in his field. A very sociable and punctual person who is a pleasure to work with! I arrived on time, helped to relax, picked up clothes and formed images, thank you very much! It was a great experience. 👏

Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov


Well, I was fortunate enough to have a photo taken with this person! At first, I didn’t expect how much I would enjoy the experience.

 I just happened to see an advertisement and couldn’t ignore it, as portraits are usually boring, but there was something special about this one! I was also drawn to the fact that the description mentioned help with choosing clothes, which is important to me because I don’t know much about style. In general, 

Alina assisted me with the styling, the shoot took place, and now I don’t want to give up the new look! 

While still in the studio, and after reviewing a few previews on the camera screen, I didn’t recognize the person in the photo, some kind of magic seemed to happen, like it was me but more masculine, which is exactly what I wanted and Denis delivered! In short, without realizing it, I got some great photos and tips on how to dress! Thanks to you guys!

Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov


The photo shoot was cool, I wouldn’t say that I had some obvious imbalance in terms of clamps and shyness, but there was one point that I didn’t really like the profile of my face, after I saw the photos, I don’t think so anymore) As I already wrote, it’s very cool that you found a couple of photos that I didn’t mark and they ended up being one of the best. Everything was friendly when working with you and I felt a kind of connection, so the request is completely closed, all the photos that I expected, and most interestingly, which I did not expect (but at the same time they are super) — I got it

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Feedbacks. Portrait photographer in Barcelona Spain Den Karelov


The shoot went really well! This is your merit, thank you very much! I was a little nervous, but you managed to set the emotional connection in the right way. Relaxing music, unobtrusive conversations, your energy — everything was in the right place at the right time. 

I relaxed, began to enjoy the process, the new experience, the places in the city, which you also successfully chose! A year and a half has passed, but I remember. like yesterday! I got high!

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